Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

What are your terms and Conditions if I agree to use your company?
Please click on our Link through our web site.

When do you delete my property from your Web Site?
We only delete your Property if the Property is either Sold or Let or by your verbal or written Instruction.

Can I use my own Valuation to sell or let my property?
Yes you can, we are here to guide you if you so wish to market conditions.

What is included in your selling fees?
Our Full Package, please contact

Do you offer refunds if my property does not sell or rent through you?

Do you offer a free “For Sale or Rent” sign?

Do you give out my personal information to third parties?
No, unless you advise us to.

My property is already on the market can I still engage you?
Yes, but you will have to look at your contract with your current agent regarding Multi-Agents.

How do I pay you your fee?
Our commission will be paid on Completion date.

What happens now once I have engaged you.
We will arrange a convenient time with you to visit your property to photograph, take details.

How long does it usually take for my property to come onto the market on your web site?
Usually 48 hours after our visit depending if its a weekday.

How can I review my property details?
We will email you a draft brochure for you to peruse before we upload your property to our Web Site.

What publications do you use to advertise your Web Site?
We choose between the Guernsey Press, House and Home.

Would you be able to answer any of my questions relating to the sale of my property?
Yes, we can.

Once my property is sold through you is there anything more to pay?